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A specialized real estate startup for foreign residents looking for Tokyo properties


Why are only 4% of the listings available on Tokyo portal sites?

Get access to a database used exclusively by all Tokyo real estate agents


Why is it so hard to find an apartment as an expat?

Only 4% are available
for foreign expats


Housing portals in Japan include 92% of unavailable, phishing property information.

Half of 8% of listings are only for Japanese-speaking people

Intransparent experiences
with local agents offline


Agents ask for mandatory trips to their company office offline.

Unclear details about the initial cost before signing the contract, all written in Japanese

You sometimes experience an unknown charge.

No support after moving in


Agent's job is only to find a property for you. Since they do not assist after move-in, you need to directly communicate with Japanese-speaking property management.

AtHearth helps you with everything

1. Find
100% Expat-friendly curated listings of our largest database over 27,000!

Data extraction-pana

-We curate 4% of foreigner-friendly and up-to-date listings to save your time!

-Our multilingual staff will listen to your needs and recommend several matching listings too.

2. Apply
Fast & easy applications
online ​with clear details


-We will shorten 2-3 months of the whole process down to less than 2-3 weeks! 

-You'll be perfectly aware of all costs upfront, so there are no hidden fees like in most cases in Japan. 

3. Move in
Ongoing support online
1 month of agency fee only!

Active Support-amico
-We assist you to find English-speaking moving companies, setting up the utilities, the internet, and even furniture rentals.

-Our agency fee is only 1 month of the rent, including the online support for move-in, during, and even move-out. 

What to expect after receiving listings

1. Next: Share your criteria

In order to get the best match and speed up the process, we recommend submitting a criteria form or having 30-minute chat with one of our agents.

During this time, we'll ask about your requirements for your home (such as area, train line, size, and budget), and answer any questions you have about the process.

House searching-cuate
2. Receive recommended listings 

Based on your requirements, we'll curate a list of matching properties from our Extensive Property Database.

Only shortlist foreigner-friendly, up-to-date listings. Our specialized license allows us exclusive access to new listings, which our agents will curate for you into a list of best-match properties.

3. Viewings to apply

We've replaced traditional, laborious, and confusing paper-based processes with an efficient online application.

Before you sign, we'll go through the contract with you in English to ensure you are comfortable with all the fees and terms.

Call center (1)
4. Move in

When it's time to move into your new home, we can help you connect utilities and internet service, as well as arrange furniture rentals.

Throughout your lease, we'll support you in all of your communication with property management.

Why cheaper & faster?

We are an online-based agency / Prop-tech startup.
Using our developed AI curating product & private portal site,

We offer 100% screened listings to fit your needs and we can spend more time supporting the customers that we care about.
As a result, we don't need to spend so much time making phone calls, rent the offline office and surprise you with the extra cost to cover our expense fee for free viewing.

Normal Agencies spend so much time negotiating with each owner's agents/owners to get approval for introducing the expats and they can't possibly support the customers after move-in based on their current business model offline. (Some of them might even think it's fair to charge you for human resource cost for viewing.)
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Discover the AtHearth difference

We’re passionate about helping expats find their apartments in Tokyo!
Our multilingual expert agents will listen to your needs, curate matching listings, and help you with everything you need to sign your lease and move in.

Our services don't stop there!
We understand the stress & hassle of tasks like renting furniture and communicating with property management.
Our mission is to help make your life more comfortable & fulfilling.



4.9 / 5.0 of 82 reviews 
as of May 2024


“AtHearth has gone far beyond an excellent real estate company but also a partner who gave me advises for all life aspects in Japan that ensured very smooth and hassle-free relocation process with my family. (Mohamed Aly)



Our Partners

We have had over 2,500 cases with our 42 Japanese partners since 2015

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and more...


Our Team

With a diverse mix of personal and professional skills and experience - including living abroad - our team provides expertise and friendly support throughout the process of finding your home and helping you get settled.

We know how important it is to find the right home in Tokyo for your personal and professional life, and treat each customer with care and respect.

Customer Support Team

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Real Estate Agent
Nihon Agent Profile Photo

Tuhin Abner

Real Estate Agent

Our Investors


Soichi Tajima

CEO of Genesia Ventures




Takashi Shibayama


Former d of Furyu Corporation, who was responsible for going public on a Tokyo Stock exchange in 2015, as the 1st company which invented Print-club in the world.


Company Profile

AtHearth, Inc.
as A Prop Tech Startup

Founded: Oct 1st, 2015

Founder / CEO: Tomonari Kino

Capital: ¥82,010,000(Legal capital surplus included)

No. of Realtor License: 東京都知事(1)第102306号

Registration address: Imperial Ochanomizu #225, Kanda Ogawamachi 3-11-2, Chiyoda, Tokyo

Hours: 10 AM - 7 PM, Everyday (Except for Wednesday)




From viewing to contract in 3 days.
An entrepreneur's challenge to solve the problem of foreign workers moving in.

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