Friend Referral Campaign!!

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When you click on the link above, please share the following page with the friend whom you are referring

How to get rewarded


Refer your friends

Please share this page with your referral. 

Please ask your friend to put your name on the form. Or you can also refer a friend by email (support@athearth.com). 


Sign a lease

When you find the perfect home for you, you can use AH Home to sign the lease, and leave us a review. 





Get Rewarded

We will send you a gift reward. If you like, you can split it with your referral.

Campaign Details

Overview When a referral signs a lease contract with AtHearth, Inc., you receive the special reward of an Amazon JP Gift Card from us.
  • If your referral's new home is over 150,000 yen:20,000 yen in rewards(two 10,000 yen Amazon Gift Cards)
  • If your referral's new home is under 150,000 yen:10,000 yen in rewards(two 5,000 yen Amazon Gift Cards)
  • This campaign may end without notice. 
  • This campaign is only valid if we can confirm the referral before he/she signs their lease. 
  • This campaign is only valid if the referee previously signed a lease through the services of AtHearth. This campaign is not valid if the referee signed a lease through another real estate agency. 
    ※Gift rewards may be subject to change. For the latest campaign details, please check back to this page. 



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